NODO (°Philippe Lanckriet) lives in Bruges, Belgium. His entire life he passionately tried to convey emotion by means of abstract and melodious compositions in both electronic and new wave compositions.

At the age of 10 he is regularly introduced to the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Eberhart Schoener. Nodo’s passion for electronic music, synths and sequences is born. Later, age 14, he starts writing his first songs and forms a first experimental band Völt. Later he starts The Difference with Philippe Lefief, now “master of buttons” of The Bear Cave studio and cold wave band Northern Sadness. The Difference is influenced by new wave, post-punk and rock music. At age 18 Nodo’s parents get him his first synth, a Roland Alfa Juno 1. which leads to countless happy hours of programming and testing.

Every night, since nearly 40 years, NODO listens to music before sleeping, studying patterns, rhythms and sounds. After returning in 1993 from studying abroad he starts building a home studio from secondhand instruments. He writes mainly longer electronic compositions, influenced by the likes of Pete Namlook, Vidna Obmana and Brian Eno. Since then NODO has completed 14 unreleased albums. NODO is the sole performer of all synthesis, composing, playing, recording and mixing.

In 2016 the album Entrance is the first officially released work. It is written specifically for the works of mixed media artist Xa4, also located in Bruges.
The writing of a new album for 2017 has also started.

Appart from electronic music NODO also writes custom made music and he has a project band The Rogue Project with professional guitar player and composer Filip Bollaert, the man who also performed the guitar tracks on Entrance. The Rogue Project creates a relaxed fusion of electronic Berlin school sequential music and catchy modern new wave songs, all mixed with rock and blues influences on guitar. An album from The Rogue Project is expected towards the end of 2017.