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The electronic music of NODO is a mixture of soundscapes, Berlin school sequences and simple melodies. All synthesis, composing, playing, recording and mixing is performed by NODO in The Distillery studio in Bruges, Belgium. NODO also writes Music for the Rogue project together with guitar player and composer Filip Bollaert.

In september 2016 the latest album Entrance was released at the opening of the exhibit of mixed media artist Xa4 in Bruges. The story of the Entrance album brings the sonic tale of the Walkers, half machine half bird. They spend their days basking in the sun by the river and praying and dancing for the massive Air Ship Olympus, whom they see as a God. The dancing induces trance and harmony. Lady Vanity is jealous and retreats to the beach, where she drowns herself hoping her death will bring her deity status.
Entrance consists of one continuous composition made up of 7 songs.
Enjoy Entrance teasers below.

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Full Album "ENTRANCE" (2016) - CD

All Entrance copies are numbered and signed and are delivered in a hard plastic CD-box. Price includes shipping and handling within Europe. For overseas deliveries inquire on contact page. NO PAYPALL? NO PROBLEM! : Please send email via contact page to order.

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